Mr. Campion’s Fox

Written by Mike Ripley
Review by Kristina Blank Makansi

When the Danish ambassador asks Albert Campion to keep an eye on his daughter’s new boyfriend, Campion, now retired, enlists his son, Rupert, to follow the young man. But then the girl goes missing and the boyfriend’s body is found at the edge of the small village where one of Rupert’s schoolmates lives, and Campion can’t stop himself from getting involved. Rupert and his wife, Perdita, head to the crime scene, while the senior Campion investigates in the city. But they are soon reunited in the village, and the twists and turns of the mystery lead to an unexpected conclusion.

Mike Ripley once again resurrects Margery Allingham’s Mr. Campion in this new novel that gives fans another welcome dose of the detective’s wit and wisdom. Sanctioned by the Margery Allingham Foundation, Ripley has picked up Allingham’s mantle with great aplomb. There is plenty of the dry humor and aristocratic sensibility that endeared readers to the original series, and Ripley has included several beloved characters as well. Recommended for Allingham fans, as well as for those who love a good Agatha Christie tale.