More Than Meets the Eye

Written by Karen Witemeyer
Review by B. J. Sedlock

Evie Hamilton avoids Pecan Gap, Texas in 1894 because her one blue and one brown eye lead some folks to call her a witch, crossing the street or even throwing stones at her. She is content to live on an outlying farm with brothers Seth and Zach. They are actually unrelated but formed a “patchwork family” after escaping from an orphan train 15 years earlier.

Logan Fowler buys property next to the Hamiltons so he can spy on them. They don’t know that years before, Logan’s family owned their land. Zach won the property by cheating in a card game, resulting in Logan’s father killing himself in remorse. Logan is now on a quest to coerce Zach into a game and win the property back. But Logan didn’t figure on falling in love with Evie as soon as he met her. How can he get revenge on Zach without harming Evie?

This is a good inspirational novel; the religious content is on the light side. Evie may strike some readers as rather upbeat for someone who suffers constant social rejection, but her sunny temperament does provide a nice contrast to Logan’s obsession with his quest. Recommended to Christian fiction fans.