Moonlit Desire

Written by Carolann Camillo
Review by Liz Allenby

New York Colony, June 1759: The height of the French and Indian War. Recently wed Catherine Bradshaw and husband Jeremy Flint travel in a carriage on their way to their new home in Tarrytown. Rive St. Clair kidnaps Catherine and takes her to an Indian camp, where they stay in hiding until Flint tries to rescue her. Meanwhile we discover that Flint and St. Clair have a longstanding hatred relating to Flint’s prior involvement as a scout for the British militia involved in an Indian massacre. St. Clair finds Catherine ravishing, and she must fight her own passion for him in order to survive this ordeal. The characters travel to Quebec, where they endure the British attack on the city.

Moonlit Desire captures the reader from the moment of the initial kidnap and does not let up for a minute. Carolann Camillo provides tightly woven narration with just enough period detail to make the setting and circumstances come alive for the reader. She describes the forest surroundings of rural New York in a way reminiscent of James Fenimore Cooper. The dialogue is true to the time period, yet it has a freshness we can all relate to today. Very captivating.