Written by Michael Moon Mr Michael G Moon
Review by Nicky Galliers

This novel is a labour of love and that shines through every page. Based on a true story and events that happened to the author, this time-slip novel takes us on a journey through the life of Richard Moon and his ancestor Richard de Mohun. Modern-day Richard feels there is something he is supposed to know and there is someone also called Richard Moon trying to tell him what it is. We discover the story behind Richard de Mohun (the medieval spelling of the Moon name) and his family as we are taken on a tour from medieval Cornwall to northern Spain, and experience the sights and smells along the way with Richard and Richard.

The novel is a little unbalanced in places, there being more of the medieval than the modern and, as a result, the tension and spine-chiller elements do not always work as they demand more space to develop. The style of the modern passages may not suit everyone, but once the substantial part of the novel, the medieval section, gets going this is a real page-turner. The story races on with intensity and vigour and we are wrapped up in it, desperate to know what happens next. Richard de Mohun is a well-formed, rounded character and those around him are also well crafted. The villain of the piece is truly unlikeable, and because of the mystery created in the first contemporary passage, you are never quite sure if good or evil will prevail.

These issues are common for novice writers, but are, for the most part, developmental editing details that can be ironed out quickly and of the kind that will not be repeated in subsequent work if the author uses a good editor to guide him forward. He shows potential with his writing and I look forward to more novels about the Mohun/Moon family, as he promises in his author’s note.