Moon Medicine

Written by Mike Blakely
Review by Cindy Vallar

Honore Greenwood, by his own admission a genius, fled France for America after slaying a man who raped the woman he loved. At ninety-nine, Honore looks back on his life and shares his adventures with the likes of Kit Carson, Charles and William Bent, and other frontiersmen who tamed the American West during the 1840s. He travels the Santa Fe Trail, becomes caught up in war with Mexico, fights the Apache while befriending the Comanche, and falls in love with Gabriela, who must wed another.

This is a wonderful tale of the American frontier and the men who forged the trails so settlers could follow. Honore’s blunt honesty grates at first, but as his character grows and matures, he becomes quite a likeable fellow. When he cheers and weeps, so does the reader. This mingling of adventure, romance, and confrontation brings to life a time of difficulty and danger, and does so in a realistic way that transports the reader back in time to stand with Honore as he lives what others only dream of. The characters he meets along the way – whether Mexican, American, Comanche, Apache, or of some other culture – are shades of gray with good and bad traits that make them living beings. I look forward to reading more of Honore’s adventures in the sequel.