Moon Hunt

Written by Kathleen O'Neal Gear W. Michael Gear
Review by Viviane Crystal

The story of the Cahokia Indians is based on actual archeology, and in this third of the Morning Star trilogy, the Gears combine what is known about the Indian culture with their legends and folk tales in this novel.

Our story begins with Whispering Dawn, a woman skilled in magic and other darker talents using natural herbs and pieces of trees, animal fossils and plants. Both respected and feared, she has come to the council of her tribe for a great election and to wed Morning Star, considered to be a living god by the tribe. Whispering Dawn finds him mesmerizing, so quiet and observant that his silence is interpreted by many of the tribe as statements of their own hidden wishes and secrets. There are numerous lost souls within Morning Star that travel with him to the underworld after he drinks Whispering Dawn’s poisoned nectar. The journey that is the central focus of this novel is carried out by Night Shadow Star and Fire Cat.

Meanwhile the different tribes of the Cahokia Indians are on the verge of civil war, and the release of these lost souls is their only shred of redemption. This volatile quest takes up much of the novel’s plot, but the reader will also read about the various rituals and celebrations when the tribes unite for a common purpose. Interestingly, the story is also full of ribald language and behavior, insults, jokes and more legends that pacify the people while they await the return of the lost souls. Moon Hunt is a mythological fantasy mixed with historical fact that is highly recommended.