Written by Jack Kelly
Review by John R. Vallely

Ike Van Savage is a hard man working as a stereotypical hard-boiled private detective in a period piece set in the Rochester, New York of the late 1950s. Van Savage’s life is complicated by his remorseless desire to bring a semblance of order to a universe that rewards the lawbreaker while ignoring the innocent. His ordeal begins when a beautiful woman comes to his office asking for aid against a husband she believes will attempt to murder her. Van Savage takes the case but soon finds himself embroiled in the private lives of local gangsters. He follows the leads wherever they take him and meets violence with equal violence in his quest for the truth. The tough Van Savage is made more human by his touching relationship with his daughter but the loving father is not the same man as the driven private eye. Mobtown is not populated with the Robert Parker type of wisecracking detective. A good story, a believable setting, and a pretty girl in distress – all the ingredients of a perfect hard-boiled detective novel.