Miss Whittier Makes a List

Written by Carla Kelly
Review by Elizabeth Knowles

In 1801, young American Quaker Hannah Whittier is an innocent victim of the Napoleonic wars when she is shipwrecked after a French attack. She is rescued by the H.M.S. Dissuade, Captain Sir Daniel Spark commanding. The Dissuade is underway for England and cannot return Hannah to America. Soon she is struggling to hold her own amid the rough life of a British warship and to help alleviate the effects of war’s death and destruction. Captain Spark has no qualities she wants in a husband, but she is drawn to him anyway. She comes to recognize his loyalty and valor, and he learns to value her cheerfulness and pluck against all odds. Can love find a way in spite of disparate backgrounds and Daniel’s commitment to the Royal Navy? The future seems hopeless, but these bright, deserving characters earn their happy ending.

The resolution is too quick and neat but does not spoil this highly recommended story. Regency fans who like superior, well-written romances and the Age of Sail will enjoy this book. This reprint from 1994 by a multi-published, award-winning author will be a treat for those who have not already read it.