Miss Hillary Schools a Scoundrel

Written by Samantha Grace
Review by Liz Allenby

In this light Regency romance, Lana encounters a rake named Lord Andrew Forest, who rescues her after she falls out of a window into a tree. Despite the loveless marriages around her, Lana longs for a wedding with true love attached. Drew Forest hardly seems like an ideal match, though, since his reputation among the ton is that of a rake and a womanizer, more interested in bedding women than in conversing with them. Lana captures Drew’s interest with her beauty, wit and independent ways. Until then he had not felt such an attraction for any woman. Lord Bollrud, recently returned to England from Austria, courts Lana. Although Lana is drawn to Drew’s magnetic features, she considers whether a match with Lord Bollrud would be a more secure choice.

Samantha Grace has crafted an enticing romance with many twists and turns until the very last page. She enlightens with Regency details yet never overwhelms. Overall the novel delivers a satisfying romp with the telltale happy ending.