Miss Dimple Suspects

Written by Mignon Ballard
Review by Shaylin Montgomery

A mystery is brewing in Elderberry, Georgia, and Dimple Kilpatrick is hot on the trail. When Mae Martha Hawthorne is brutally murdered, her Japanese companion quickly becomes the prime suspect. But Dimple isn’t convinced. With the clock ticking, can Dimple and her team of crime-solving teachers find the real killer in time to save Suzy? Is this crime connected to the disappearance of little Cassie Greeson nearly 25 years earlier?

Mignon Ballard’s latest Miss Dimple mystery, Miss Dimple Suspects, will keep readers on their toes from the opening paragraph to the last page.  Set amidst the chaos of World War II, Ballard paints an endearing portrait of life on the home front. When Dimple and her cohorts are not solving crime, they are rationing food, writing to loved ones overseas, and preparing for yet another Christmas at war. At times, the novel jumps around a bit too much, playing with the concept of time and space in a rather confusing manner. But Ballard’s plot is still engaging, with a thrilling climax.  The citizens of Elderberry are also endearing, from the obnoxious Emmaline Brumlow to the spirited Willie Elrod.

Miss Dimple Suspects is a must-read for any fan of historical suspense.