Miracle in a Dry Season

Written by Sarah Loudin Thomas
Review by Lauren Miller

In 1954, Perla Long and her daughter Sadie move to Wise, West Virginia, no husband or ring on her finger, and no excuses, raising more than a few eyebrows and setting tongues a- wagging. Perla’s gift for cooking is downright uncanny, and she serves up heartwarming meals that make bachelor Casewell Phillips start to see her in a different light. As a difficult drought befalls the town, folks begin to turn against Perla, whose innovations with cookery spark fear and loathing for the outsider. Can Perla find forgiveness for past mistakes, or will she cause an irreparable divide in the small town?

Thomas’ debut novel is a tender story of two people who find each other amidst a battle of fear versus forgiveness and love. Thomas also tackles the subject of judgment, both of our own failings and being quick to judge others, a theme that’s as relevant today as in the setting of the novel. With heartfelt characters and a strong cast of secondary ones too, Thomas has created a town that readers will want to revisit again and again. Fans of inspirational fiction and small- town romances will find something to love in this tale, which is sure to charm readers.