Mastered by Love

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Audrey Braver

The ninth Duke of Wolverstone died in 1816 before his long-estranged son could reach the castle. Arriving too late to reconcile with his father, Royce Varisey, now tenth Duke of Wolverstone, has a difficult time assuaging his guilt. To help him put it all in perspective, as well as bringing him up to date on the estate is his beautiful chatelaine, Minerva Chesterton. When Minerva was orphaned as a child, Royce’s mother brought her to Wolverstone and raised her with her own children. Although well-born and an heiress in her own right, Minerva stayed on at Wolverstone as companion to the Duchess and after her death, to became chatelaine of the estate for the Duke. Minerva plans to leave Wolverstone and begin her own life as soon as she can turn over her keys to the new duchess and despite his mourning, circumstances decree that Royce choose a bride immediately. Whoever that may be.

This is vintage Laurens: excellent plot, erotic love scenes, mystery, and danger. Laurens’s devoted readers will meet characters from the Bastion Club series and the Cynster novels who are all friends of Royce. Mastered by Love also answers the question of ‘who is Dalziel.’