Marriage Most Scandalous

Written by Johanna Lindsey
Review by Nancy Castaldo

Bestselling author Johanna Lindsey has crafted another historical romance for her fans. In her latest, we are first presented with a life-altering 1808 duel between Sebastian Townshend and his best friend, Giles. Sebastian unintentionally kills Giles at Dueling Rock, and, feeling immense guilt, flees to the continent where he becomes Raven, the mercenary, vowing never to return to England. Margaret Landor inadvertently hires Raven to find Sebastian Townshend. To carry out his assignment Raven/Sebastian must return to England and pose as Margaret’s husband. Of course, neither one of them is prepared for what ensues. This was my first time reading a Johanna Lindsey novel and so cannot compare it to her others. It does seem, however, to have a great deal of repetition and few historical details. True fans of Johanna Lindsey will have to give it their own read.