Written by Carol Edgerley
Review by Rachel Malone

Marguerite de Merencourt is the only daughter of a marquis. Loved by her father but rejected and hated by her mother from birth, Marguerite (Minette to those closest to her) was destined for a marriage to man more than twice her age. Headstrong and fierce, Minette refuses and, for her stubbornness, is sent to a convent in Dublin. After her time there, she is due to return to face the marriage she dreads, and after falling in love with the eldest son of a family she has become friendly with, she marries in secret and together they flee to British India to escape the clutches of her father and the threat of prison for her new husband.

Ahh, if only life were such that the fiery passion of youth and love meant happily ever after! For Minette, it means no such thing. Instead of the bright future with a husband who adores her, she finds herself betrayed, facing violence, alcoholism and abuse. Her independence isn’t easily won and Minette never takes the easy path, but she can keep her head high and retain her pride.

Initially put off by the cover, I wasn’t looking forward to this book. My interest was piqued when I found that Carol Edgerley is a descendant of Minette and that this was a real story. And boy, what a story! It’s a complete page turner of a book that will keep you reading until the wee small hours. You intimately feel every disappointment, every heartbreak and feel the excitement, firmly believing that this time, it will work out. It will all be fine, it can’t go wrong, only to then feel the crush when it does.

It is brilliantly written with a sequel available.  Carol Edgerley is a name to take note of.