Marching with Caesar: Civil War

Written by R.W. Peake
Review by Steve Donoghue

Fans of R. W. Peake’s densely-packed, gripping first novel Marching with Caesar: Conquest of Gaul will be overjoyed to find now its sequel, Marching with Caesar: Civil War.  Fans of the author will be delighted that Peake’s writing has gone from strength to strength in this, the second volume, of the adventures of Titus Pullus and his friends in Julius Caesar’s indomitable and hard-fighting 10th Legion as it gets caught up in events that will completely change the world. Pullus has been marching with Caesar for many years and invested everything in the General’s luck and destiny, and yet Peake manages to portray Pullus and all his fellow soldiers with a marvelous feeling of reality quite apart from the star historical name.

Peake also charges his narrative with huge amounts of historical detail (page-long paragraphs are not uncommon) and yet makes it all work so smoothly that the reader turns the pages eagerly. There’s history here, and character, and action enough for three novels, and all of it can be enjoyed even if readers haven’t seen the first volume yet.

Very highly recommended.