Madoc’s Legacy

Written by Edward Swanson
Review by John Manhold

A historical adventure centered on an old legend buttressed by rumors and discovered artifacts. The unlikely, but trustingly enmeshed trio of Alvord Rawn, educated, moralistic former New York police captain with a ‘dark side’, coarse, ‘Mountain Man’ Marcel Durand, and witty intellectual observer of humanity Finnbar Fagan, has decided to trap the upper Lake Michigan area. The wealthy, well-connected but enigmatic Cadwallander Jones warns against it at a dinner he graciously hosts. According to local Indians, the area is inhabited by strangely-garbed white savages and unusual climatic disturbances that project the image of god-like evil activity. Disappearances of others who have attempted to infiltrate the area seems to support the rumors. Proceeding regardless, the group is almost completely annihilated by an attack of these strange beings. Numerous other characters become involved, including a ship’s captain and mate, Jones’ young and beautiful ward, a burly bar tender, a disgraced English physician, and others.

The book is very well written, the story line riveting and the action nearly non-stop. Battle scenes are numerous, graphic and also well done.