Luther, Wyoming

Written by Mario Acevedo
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

It is 1873. Adam Sanchez, a Comanchero from the Mexican Territory, had fought for the Union in the Civil War and is now rejected by the woman he loves. Adam leaves Virginia and heads for Luther, Wyoming, where Nelson Cook is sheriff. They are friends who had served in the war together. Upon his arrival, Adam learns Sheriff Cook is involved in fighting the Nelson gang, a band of outlaws. The gang wants to recover the money from a recent robbery currently in Cook’s possession. Adam is deputized, and they begin to see an advantage in keeping some of the bank money for themselves.

This novel uses a common scenario for western stories where there is a sheriff, a gang of outlaws that need capturing, and a protagonist arriving on the scene to save the day.  The steady unraveling of the plot is exciting at times, along with the added arrival of the girl Adam left behind in Virginia. This part of the story seemed a little difficult to believe, but I guess the authors wished to continue the love interest.