Loving Rose

Written by Stephanie Laurens
Review by Ray Thompson

There are two mysteries in this Regency romance, another in the author’s series featuring investigator Barnaby Adair. What did Thomas Glendower do to convince himself only his death can atone for his past misdeeds? And why are Rose and two children she claims are hers hiding away from all public contact in his house? True, she took the post of housekeeper during his extended absence, but she is well-born and it becomes clear she is not the children’s mother. Through his thoughtfulness and kindness, Thomas gradually wins the trust of this little family and the passionate love of Rose; and, when they are threatened with discovery, he risks his own life to protect them from a murderer, thereby earning redemption. Despite a fondness for melodrama and sentimentality, both the romance and mystery are well handled, and the spirited female characters enliven the story. Recommended.