Love’s Sacred Song

Written by Mesu Andrews
Review by Viviane Crystal

King David, renowned Israeli king, is lying on his deathbed, comforted by Abishag, the woman taken from the Northern Tribe of Shunem to be his bride but kept as a concubine, a fact proving to be the linchpin of division between the soon-to-be King Solomon and the Northern Tribes of Israel. Solomon, however, proves to be a just king as he is blessed with the one thing he asked of the Lord God, wisdom. Afar in Shunem, Jehoshaphat is proving to be wise, with a plan to reunite the Tribes, with the gift of his daughter as a wife to the new king. The plot of this remarkable story concerns the integrity and wisdom displayed by Jehoshaphat, his daughter Arielah, and Solomon, with all of their own strengths, weaknesses and overall huge faith. They meet intense conflicts fostered by the plotters known as the Lions of Judah and the Daughters of Jerusalem, who will stop at nothing to acquire the crown of Israel. Written after multiple readings of the Biblical Song of Solomon, this novel is a beautiful, dangerous, and romantically fictional portrayal of the world around this love of all loves.