Love’s Last Stand

Written by S. B. Moores
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Unable to marry Abby, the girl he loves, young Justin Sterling leaves his home in the Ridgetop Valley of Tennessee in the 1830s to start a new life further across the Mississippi. He learns of open land and plenty of opportunities in Texas and discovers that Texas is fighting for its independence from Mexico. He heads for an obscure Spanish mission to help in their cause.

Suspected of stealing livestock, he is unaware of being followed by Abby’s father and the boy who is promised to marry Abby. Distraught by the accusations against Justin, Abby leaves the ranch in hopes of catching her father. Somehow, they all eventually meet at this mission that has been turned into a fort to meet the Mexican army.

In this love triangle, the lovers meet again under unusual circumstances, the Battle for the Alamo. My only complaint is the sequence of events that lead to their meeting. There is no mention of how they all can find each other miles from Tennessee. Although predictable, I found the book to be an entertaining read.