Love Comes Home

Written by Ann H. Gabhart
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

This is the third story about the Merritt family (Angel Sister, 2011; Small Town Girl, 2013). World War II is over, and two of the sisters’ husbands are returning. Evangeline worries about Mike because he seems different; her pregnancy makes her anxious and moody. Kate and Jay rekindle their romance, and Kate wants desperately to become pregnant. Victoria’s husband Sammy died in the war, and her grief is enormous. Victoria lives with her parents, who help with two-year-old Samantha. Long-time friend Clay comes to court Victoria, who isn’t sure she’s ready. Lorena, fourteen, wonders about her birth parents.

Love Comes Home is a novel of reflection. Much of the novel is spent in the heads of the characters, meditating on their problems. Characters remember the past (making reading this book out of order not a problem), pray, and think and think about their worries. The novel would have been more engaging if the author had shown the characters dealing and working through the problems rather than just thinking about them so much. Still, the Merritt sisters are well drawn, and fans of the series will want to know what is happening.