Louise’s Dilemma

Written by Sarah R. Shaber
Review by Jane Kessler

This is the third in a series featuring Louise Pearlie, a young widow who works at the OSS in 1940s Washington, DC. Louise, who is smart and competent, started as a file clerk and has recently been promoted to analyzing and indexing documents. Louise enjoys her independent life in DC and desperately wants to hold on to her job after the war. She knows she has to excel because once the war is over, the soldiers will return and will need the jobs held by women. In this installment, Louise is asked to analyze a strangely worded postcard sent to an American citizen from occupied France. She travels to Maryland to investigate and becomes convinced something is not as it should be, all the while dealing with the male chauvinism of her colleagues. She also continues her romance with fellow boarder and Czech refugee Joe Prager, but worries that it might cost her her position in the OSS. This is a fun series: an entertaining combination of mystery, adventure, and romance, with a great sense of place and time.