Louise’s Chance: A Louise Pearlie World War II Novel of Suspense

Written by Sarah R. Shaber
Review by Beth Turza

In this 5th of Shaber’s WWII mystery series, we continue to follow Louise Pearlie as she begins her new job working in Washington, DC for the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). Her first mission is to interview the German prisoners at Fort Meade, a short flight away on an army transport plane – her very first ride. Her team interviews POWs to identify which ones would serve the American army best as double agents. Her co-worker, Merle Ellison, speaks German, and they quickly discover that two German soldiers disappeared from the ship on their crossing to the U.S. The plot thickens as a prisoner is turned upon by his fellow inmates for sharing his suspicion that they may have been murdered. The team now needs to protect the terrified men by trying to find the murderer among them. Their plan to recruit from within the camp may be scrapped if they cannot trust the men.

I like a good WWII mystery that involves different aspects of the people behind the army who did espionage work to help end the war quickly, and this one did not disappoint. Louise is a very intelligent and likeable woman, and reading this book makes me want more, so thankfully Shaber has created a series for me to follow. The other members of the team and the prisoners involved in the plot are also well thought out. The novel is written in the first person, and the look into how the POW camp is set up and run is also a nice slice of history to learn. The author has researched her period well, and I look forward to future adventures with Louise.