Lord Thurston’s Challenge

Written by Fenella Jane Miller
Review by Sara Wilson

When Charlotte Carstairs is orphaned, along with her young brother and sister, she takes them to live with her maternal grandfather, unaware that he has died and his fortune lost. Arriving at Thurston Hall, she finds Major Jack Griffin has inherited the title and neglected estate.

Disfigured in battle and spurned by his fiancée, Jack is in no mood to take in three dependents, but he offers Charlotte a challenge. If she can improve the estate she can stay. Neither had expected they would also have to take on a murderous gang acting on the orders of a mysterious foe. But then neither had expected to fall in love with each other either.

A sparky heroine, a damaged hero, and a wicked enemy make for a delightful passionate adventure story, with plenty of thrilling action and tender romance to keep the reader enchanted until the end.