Lord Sebastian’s Secret

Written by Jane Ashford
Review by Ray Thompson

Lord Sebastian Gresham and his fiancée, Lady Georgina Stane, are very much in love. He admires her wit and intelligence, she his genuine interest in and appreciation of her, and both share a passionate physical attraction. Nevertheless, they view their approaching wedding with trepidation. He worries that she will reject him as stupid when she learns he cannot read; she fears his reaction to her highly eccentric family when he comes to visit.

And eccentric they are.

Her father, the marquess, is preoccupied with local history, and seeks to prove that in an earlier incarnation he was Offa, an Anglo-Saxon ruler; her mother breeds spoiled pugs with embarrassing habits; and her two disconcertingly precocious younger sisters are determined to live with them once they marry. Fortunately, Sebastian remains steadfast and courteous despite all provocations, and when he confesses his secret, Georgina is both understanding and supportive. He has proved his worth and won the lady.

This, third in the Duke’s Sons Regency series, offers sympathetic insight into the embarrassment created by dyslexia and by the unconventional behavior of others in one’s family. It is, moreover, a comic delight. Highly recommended to Regency lovers.