Lord Fenton’s Folly

Written by Josi S. Kilpack
Review by Sue Asher

Lord Fenton, who played the role of loyal friend in A Heart Revealed, now stars as the reluctant hero of his own Regency romance. Fenton is a good man, but resentment against his father, the Earl of Chariton, has nearly ruined him. To spite the earl, Fenton has become a hard-drinking, gambling dandy who flirts with every lady of the ton. His scandalous behavior brings him to the brink of being disinherited unless he mends his ways and finds a suitable wife. The bride, chosen by his mother, is Alice Stanbridge. Clever, quiet, well-mannered, and secretly in love with Fenton since childhood, Alice is thrilled by Fenton’s proposal until she learns it is to be a marriage of convenience. Hurt by his disinterest, she responds with a practical coldness, proving herself more than his match. Fenton is drawn to her quick wit and, increasingly, he is attracted to her. With her help, he discovers that family secrets that have shaped him don’t have to define the rest of his life. This is an enjoyable story that focuses on the emotional development of the relationship, recommended for those who prefer romance with sexual tension but not graphic descriptions of sex.