Long Way to Texas


Long Way to Texas is a collection of three classic Western novels whose timelines occurs before, during and shortly after the American Civil War.

In the first novel, Joe Pepper, Pepper is sitting in a jail cell in a small town in south Texas awaiting his execution for killing a powerful local cattleman. During his last hours, a preacher visits him and listens while Pepper recounts his life as a gunman. Forced at an early age to learn how to handle a gun, Joe Pepper tries to stay on the right side of the law but gains a reputation for being “fast on the trigger.”

In the second novel, Long Way to Texas, the Second Mounted Texas Rifles, a remaining group of Confederate soldiers that survived the battle at Glorieta Pass is now under the command of Lt. David Buckalew. The young officer is new to assuming leadership responsibilities, and these battle-hardened troopers will test his mettle. Even though they want to return to Texas, he leads them on a march to capture a cache of gunpowder before a Union regiment can claim it.

Eyes of the Hawk is the tale of Thomas Canfield, a rancher in Texas with a reputation for getting what he wants. While attempting to acquire land to support his growing family, he must compete against a rival businessman located in a nearby town. As both gain power in their respective communities, Canfield becomes increasingly bitter against his archenemy and tries to destroy not only him but also the town in which he lives.

This is Western storytelling at its finest. Winner of countless Western writing awards before his death in 2009, Elmer Kelton knew how to develop realistic, clearly defined characters. The action is solidly paced. He engages the reader throughout his stories with dialog that fits the era and helps the reader become immersed into the old West. Highly entertaining and recommended for Western folklore lovers.

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