Lone Star Rising: The Texas Rangers Trilogy


A trilogy composed of Kelton’s first three books in his series on the Texas Rangers, the story beings in 1840 with The Buckskin Line. During a raid, Comanches abduct a young boy when they massacre his family. The child is rescued by Mike Shannon, member of a Texas “ranging company” – but the boy is too young to know anything but his own name, Davy. Raised by the Shannons, Davy (called Rusty for his red hair) follows his adoptive father’s path, becoming a Ranger himself just before the Civil War – a choice that keeps him out of the Confederate Army, and also puts him at odds with his Confederate neighbors.
Badger Boy begins as the war ends; the Rangers are disbanded, and when Rusty returns home, he finds his first love married to another man and the country still burning with hatred – especially against the Union soldiers now running the state. Trying to find a place for himself in this new Texas, Rusty continues to act in the tradition of the Rangers, and while pursuing Comanche raiders, he takes a prisoner: Badger Boy, who is a white child raised by the Comanche – just as Rusty would have been, had Mike Shannon not rescued him. When Badger Boy’s white relatives repudiate him as a savage, Rusty becomes his guardian.
In The Way of the Coyote, both Rusty and Badger Boy struggle to live peacefully in a country ravaged by outlaws and by lawmen ruled by self-interest. But both their pasts haunt them, and eventually force both to choose between the law and justice.
Seeing the changes sweeping Texas through the eyes of men torn between two ways of life, Lone Star Rising is a fast, rousing, and often thought-provoking read.

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