London Belles

Written by Annie Groves
Review by Fenella Miller

London Belles is the tale of four girls, Tilly, Sally, Dulcie and Agnes, during the Second World War. Olive, Tilly’s mother, decides to take in lodgers, and this is how the girls meet. Sally is a nurse at Bart’s, Dulcie is a shop assistant at Selfridge’s, and Agnes is an orphan who is forced to leave the orphanage when it moves into the country. The four girls experience danger and upset before eventually becoming friends.

The story is well researched, and the reader is shown an interesting portrayal of life in London for ordinary folk during the war. I’m sure Annie Groves’ many fans will enjoy this family saga.

Sadly, Penny Jordan (who wrote as Annie Groves) died in January. She will be missed by her thousands of fans and many friends.