Little Heaven

Written by Nick Cutter
Review by Jeff Westerhoff

Little Heaven is a horror novel that jumps between the years 1965-66 and 1980. Micah Shughrue is on a mission to rescue his daughter from the clutches of “The Long Walker.” He is also hired by a young woman to check on the status of her nephew, who has been taken by his father to a cult settlement somewhere in New Mexico. Along with two sidekicks, assassin and Englishman Ebenezer Elkins and bounty hunter Minerva Atwater, Micah travels to the remote backwoods of New Mexico. Encamped in a small settlement there is a group led by unstable minister Amos Flesher, who is under the control of a sinister voice that has drawn him and his followers to this place Flesher has named Little Heaven.

Terror and death await the three rescuers when they face the evil that surrounds the community. They soon discover there is no way out of the settlement as they attempt to rescue Micah’s daughter and the young nephew, while trying to find and destroy the Black Rock that has cast a spell over the minister and his congregation.

This work is a Stephen King-type thriller that jumps out at you from the first page. The book contains all the ingredients found in a novel of this genre: monsters and evil people, innocents killed at random, a hell on earth where an all-encompassing monster waits to kill again. There appears to be no way of escaping the clutches of the menacing Black Rock. Recommended for those who love a good scare.