Lion Heart

Written by A. C. Gaughen

The conclusion of the author’s Scarlet trilogy, Lion Heart continues the story with the Lady Thief, Marian, escaping her intended death at the hands of her cruel uncle, Prince John. The raising of King Richard’s ransom has broken the people of England and still the prince is meting out punishments to the common folk who can ill afford the taxes. His intentions for the funds, Scarlet finds, do not include bringing his venerated brother back to England, and she must scheme with Rob and their friends to thwart Prince John’s aspirations for the crown.

Eleanor of Aquitaine, Isabella of Gloucester, the Earl of Winchester, and many other historical figures take center stage in this fast-paced tale, and are given addictively charming personalities. With much action, humor and romance, this is a light, fun read for young adults, but may grate the sensibilities of the more serious historical readers with its witty, but anachronistic dialog. Though it is part of a series, it reads well enough as a stand-alone, especially for those familiar with the legend of Maid Marian and Robin Hood. Lion Heart brings a neat close to this author’s interpretation of a well-known story, while endearing readers to a strong female protagonist worthy of being Eleanor of Aquitaine’s granddaughter.