Like Father, Like Son

Written by Diane Allen
Review by Sally Zigmond

Polly Harper loves her happy life in the Yorkshire Dales on the farm of her affectionate parents. But it is the 19th century, the world is speeding up, and she wants to take advantage of what life can offer, and so she feels increasingly trapped. When by chance she meets handsome Tobias, the son of a wealthy landowner who was a nasty drunk, her parents take care to keep them apart, but Polly falls from the frying pan into the fire when she succumbs instead to Matt Dinsdale. With the death of her mother, Polly learns the truth about her past and her life begins to unravel.

If you are a lover of historical sagas and the sweep of the northern hills and their romance, then this novel is definitely for you. Unfortunately, I happen to be more of an historical truth than romance reader, and I kept tripping over the anachronisms and the easy plot-device that relies on memories being very short, when in fact in Yorkshire they are very, very long indeed! Many genres of fiction have moved on, including historical romance, but, to me, Diane Allen’s novels remain the same. Yet why should she change? Her novels sell very well indeed.