Lie By Moonlight

Written by Amanda Quick
Review by Nan Curnutt

Concordia Glade must help the four orphaned young ladies she is tutoring escape from the castle-turned-prison where they live. She recently changed their lessons from English and geography to chemistry and architecture. This enabled them to set explosives to aid in their escape. As the house is burning around them, they are confronted by Ambrose Wells, who was planning to investigate the same castle for his own reasons. Concordia, a woman of strong character, and Ambrose, a typical Alpha male, are soon teamed together to protect the innocent young ladies and solve the mystery that surrounds them. Chemistry and explosions rebound throughout the novel, but change to the physical sort as these two characters share more than just clues. Amanda Quick, master of humor and wit, once again successfully launches two strong-willed, original characters at each other; this time in Victorian England. Ms. Quick excels at crafting independent-minded characters whose circumstances cause them to form an uncomfortable partnership. As her fans know, the sparks that fly as a result are the trademark of this outstanding author.