Lessons in French

Written by Laura Kinsale
Review by Elizabeth Caulfield Felt

At age twenty-seven, having been jilted by three different fiancés, Callista Taillefaire believes her chances for love and marriage are past. Into her life steps Trevelyn Davis d’Augustin, Duc de Monceaux, whose family had escaped fromFrance just before the Revolution. As a child, Callie had received French lessons from Trev’s mother and sister, and lessons of a different sort from Trev, the man she counts as her first love. Having been in France trying to reacquire his family’s estate and wealth after the fall of Napoleon, Trev is back in England to care for his ill mother. Trev’s shadowy past follows him to Callie’s quiet village, bringing adventure, intrigue and romance to all who care for him.

Callie is a delightful heroine: quirky and clever and fun. Trevelyn is the perfect gentleman-rascal. To accompany the bevy of strong and interesting characters, Kinsale has written witty banter, spot-on historical references, and complications to the romance that seem nearly irresolvable. This is a charming novel certain to please every reader.