Leaving Whisky Bend

Written by Dorothy Garlock
Review by Tamela McCann

Dorothy Garlock’s newest novel takes place in Colorado in 1890, following the journey of three women leaving behind a town and bad memories. Stalwart Pearl and schoolteacher Hallie have staged the kidnapping of Mary who has been abused and tormented by her partner, Chester. As they ride hard and fast away from Whiskey Bend, they find themselves relying on the help and generosity of Eli Morgan and his family when Mary becomes desperately ill. But Eli’s got problems of his own and demons he needs to face as well, and Chester’s not about to take Mary’s leaving lying down. Faced with an uncertain future, all of them must learn to deal with the past first.

Garlock’s Leaving Whiskey Bend is an engaging tale filled with colorful characters battling inner demons and external forces. While I enjoyed the tale, I had to stretch myself to believe in an illness that causes a man to think he’s Abraham Lincoln; likewise, I had problems with the over-the-top villains. I also felt things tied up too quickly and neatly. I would have loved to have seen the relationships given more depth and time. However, Garlock does know how to turn a phrase and breathe historical detail into her stories, and this historical romance is good, light fare that is a quick read for when you need escapist fun.