Leah and the Bounty Hunter

Written by Elaine Levine
Review by Monica E. Spence

1868. Leah Morgan has become an expert at hiding her femininity beneath the boy’s clothes she wears. To survive in her brutal, corrupt hometown of Defiance in the Dakota Territory, she hunts, fishes, traps, and keeps a low profile. Professional bounty hunter Jace Gage has taken the U.S. Marshal’s challenge to clean up Defiance once and for all. Leah does not believe that Jace can succeed, though she is attracted to his fine looks and plain speaking. Gunmen have ruined the lives of so many.

Though this is the third book of a romance trilogy, the story stands quite well on its own. Elaine Levine gives us a multi-level story about trust and being able to overcome personal fears to achieve a goal. Set in the post-Civil War era, Leah and the Bounty Hunter gives us a window into the rough-and-tumble lives of our settler-forefathers and what they did to succeed against lawlessness and the incredible challenges to settle the old West. An enjoyable read, recommended.