Lady Rosamund and the Horned God: A Rosie and McBrae Regency Mystery

Written by Barbara Monajem
Review by Susan McDuffie

England, early 1800s: The newly widowed Lady Rosamund accompanies her father—and her dead husband’s pregnant mistress—to a house party in the north of England. The guests prove a disparate group and include the highly unlikeable Mr. Fence. No one, then, is overly upset when Mr. Fence is found dead, stabbed through the chest with the antlers of a mounted stag head. The trophy appears to have fallen on the man in the dead of night. Was it a freak accident? Could it be murder?

Most everyone there had reasons to want Fence gone, as he appears to have been a consummate blackmailer. In addition, several of the guests at the house party find small items of jewelry missing. Was Fence also a thief? Lady Rosamund is nonplussed to discover that the valet of their host’s son is the mysterious Corvus, posing as a servant to investigate the thefts. Corvus’s previous caricatures have contributed to Lady Rosamund’s current notoriety. She most certainly could not be romantically interested in the infuriating man and, even if she was, she has several other extremely good reasons for avoiding romantic entanglements of any type. Still, the two share an interest in finding Fence’s killer.

This lovely historical mystery is full of Regency flavor and unforgettable characters, chief among them the eccentric Lady Rosamund, who lives in fear of being sent to a madhouse by her overbearing mother. The mystery element suffices, but what appeals most in this delightful read is Lady Rosamund herself, and her back-and-forth relationship with the elusive Corvus. Recommended.