Lady Of Skye

Written by Patricia Cabot
Review by Nina C. Davis

Reilly Stanton, the eighth Marquis of Stillworth, is also a trained medical doctor. He accepts a position in Scotland in a small village on the Isle of Skye in need of a medical practitioner… or so he thought. Brenna Donnegal, however, has been doing just fine following in the footsteps of her physician father.

Set in 1847, Lady of Skye exhibits the Victorian occupation with social ills and the dawning of medical practice based on science. Populated with a cast of quirky characters, Lady of Skye is written in a warm, comedy of manners style. At the same time, it showcases a very earthy, human, tangible romance between two people passionate about their beliefs. Two such opposite themes are not easily balanced, and at times the balance becomes precarious. Furthermore, sticklers for peerage accuracy should beware. There are unfortunate errors in the usage of the peerage ranking and forms of address, especially in light of the English attitude towards Scottish titles.

Despite these bobbles, Cabot delivers an unusual historical romance that should especially appeal to those looking for stories that follows a slightly less traveled path.