Lady of Milkweed Manor

Written by Julie Klassen
Review by Tamela McCann

In Regency England, Charlotte Lamb, a proper vicar’s daughter, has committed the ultimate social disgrace by becoming pregnant out of wedlock. Turned out of her home and shunned by her family, Charlotte goes to a lying-in hospital to avoid the shame of anyone else finding out her secret. But once there, she is at first stunned, and then reassured, to discover that her one-time suitor, Daniel Taylor, is now a physician at the facility. Can the romance between the two be rekindled, despite Charlotte’s fall and Daniel’s manic wife?

Ms. Klassen has penned an exquisite first novel that echoes the era of Jane Austen in both setting and style. Charlotte is humbled by her disgrace, yet manages to persevere through several difficult choices. I particularly enjoyed the milkweed theme, which was woven throughout the book, and the statements taken from actual texts of the day that begin each chapter. This novel engaged me from the first page, and I can highly recommend Lady of Milkweed Manor to anyone who delights in Regency romance.