Lady of Lincoln

Written by Ann Barker
Review by Marilyn Sherlock

Lady of Lincoln revolves around life in the close of Lincoln Cathedral, and although I could find no specific date it would appear to be set in the Regency period. Emily Whittaker, the daughter and granddaughter of cathedral clergy, lives a very humdrum life with plenty of good works to keep her occupied—until newcomers arrive in the form of Canon and Mrs. Trimmer with their two sons, Oliver and James. It is not long before Mrs. Trimmer’s brother, Sir Gareth Blades, also arrives on the scene. Sir Gareth is titled, wealthy, handsome and unmarried, and, at forty, his sister considers this to be letting the family down somewhat.

This book is typical of the genre, and there are the usual misunderstandings and confusions before the final page is turned. There are some very good Regency romances, but I regret that I did not particularly enjoy this one. The characters were two-dimensional, the style of writing a little stilted and wordy, and the plot rather too transparent. I have no doubt that it will appeal to aficionados of this genre, but it will not be taking a permanent place in my bookcase.