Lady Notorious

Written by Jo Beverley
Review by Mary Seeley

The year is 1761. Captain Lord Cynric Malloren, on leave from the army recovering from a fever (not war wounds, as stated in the blurb), is waylaid by a brash young highwayman who, he quickly realises, is a woman in disguise!

Lady Chastity Ware is determined to help her newly-widowed sister and infant nephew escape a man they both know to be a ruthless foe. Cyn’s coach is a means to this end. Her male attire also shields her from the scandal that has ruined her name and reputation.

This sexy Georgian romance is a real page-turning read. It fizzes along with chases, hair’s-breadth escapes, outrageous disguises and a shockingly decadent house-party, as Cyn, eager for an adventure, willingly throws in his lot with the two “damsels in distress”. It soon becomes clear, however, that there is something even more dangerous at stake.

Chastity is a complex, strong heroine – damaged by her experiences, but determined to fight back against those who have wronged her and to defend her beloved sister. Of course, it is no surprise that the dashing, handsome Cyn falls in love with a woman who has just the same sense of adventure as himself.