Lady Loring’s Dilemma: A Regency Novel (The Lorings)

Written by Catherine Kullmann
Review by Elizabeth K. Corbett

Lady Delia Loring’s husband, Sir Edward, is cross with her. He sends her away to the country, to Harrogate, to take care of her invalid mother, with the expectation that she lives in quiet respectability and has no contact with her daughter. While in Harrogate, she is reunited with a lover from her first blush of youth, Lord Stephen FitzCharles. He asks if they can meet again but she rejects the notion. Delia frets over the limited amount of freedom she has over herself as a married woman, frustrated she cannot be reunited with her daughter. Eventually, she agrees to pursue a path forward with Stephen, and they travel to the Continent. But will she ever see her daughter again?

This second installment in the Lorings series is aptly named. Delia is trapped by her circumstances, highlighting the total lack of freedom married women had in Regency England. I loved the human, flawed characters. Yes, Delia doesn’t live up to Regency-era standards but has the courage to reach for what she desires. Sir Edward, very much a product of his time, is a cold husband and the embodiment of double standards. I also loved the rich descriptions, which made me feel as if I was experiencing Regency England alongside the characters. Catherine Kullmann is a masterful storyteller, and her background notes testify to her depth of research. Her extensive knowledge of the time period shines through in her writing.