Lady Claire Is All That: Keeping Up With the Cavendishes

Written by MAYA RODALE
Review by Audrey Braver

Lady Claire Cavendish is not a typical young lady of the ton. For one thing, she is an American whose brother has inherited a title and, therefore, resettled his family in London. For another, she is a brilliant mathematician. The only reason she went out in society was to make the acquaintance of a particular gentleman who is a mathematical genius. As luck will have it, he is away from London on his honeymoon, which leaves Lady Claire, with her eyeglasses and fashionable, if usually askew, ball dresses, an object of scornful ballroom gossip. Easy prey for Lord Fox, whose good friend, Mowbray, has bet him that, in two weeks, Fox cannot make Lady Claire “the most desirable and attractive woman in London.” If the wager had been for money, Fox might not have tried so hard to win, but it was for Stella, the best hunting dog in England.

Although this is a typical Regency romp, Maya Rodale has written it with intelligence and humor. Lady Claire is not just a bluestocking who bores people with her equations, and Lord Fox is more than a handsome, idle, wealthy gentleman of the ton.