Lady Charlotte Always Gets Her Man

Written by Violet Marsh
Review by Erica Obey

In this fast-paced Georgian romance, Lady Charlotte Lovett finds herself betrothed to the sinister Viscount Hawley by her socially ambitious parents, even though rumor has it that Hawley murdered his first two wives. Lady Charlotte’s only hope of escaping the unwanted match is Dr. Matthew Talbot, Hawley’s shy, scholarly, but decidedly attractive brother. The two join forces with a pair of ladies who have retired from a life of piracy to run the Black Sheep coffeehouse. Lady Charlotte takes over the coffeehouse’s back room and transforms it into a daring salon where men and women can meet as equals, then sets out to expose the Viscount as a murderer.

The result is a rollicking adventure replete with highwaymen, secret identities, and preternaturally intelligent parrots. Historical purists are likely to feel Marsh’s depiction of an independent young heiress looking to escape the fate dictated by her family and social class is more wish fulfillment than careful research, but those who are willing to go along for the ride will have fun. Strictly for romance-first readers.