Lady Bridget’s Diary: Keeping Up With the Cavendishes, Book 1

Written by MAYA RODALE
Review by Rebecca Cochran

In 1824, when her brother inherits a dukedom, Lady Bridget and her two sisters move from America to high-society London. Bridget struggles to find her place in this new world, and stumbles quite a bit along the way. With little knowledge of the proper way to behave, the three sisters easily succumb to gossip and scandal. Lord Darcy, a pompous and proper gentleman, can hardly believe the atrocious behavior of the Americans, especially Lady Bridget. The two continually clash and snipe yet, predictably, can’t stop daydreaming about each other. Complications ensue when Lord Darcy’s brother, Rupert, decides to court and marry Lady Bridget.

Little snippets from Lady Bridget’s diary start each chapter and are scattered throughout, providing an inside look into her thoughts and enabling her spunkiness to shine through. Fans of Mary Balogh will appreciate this amusing romp, but fans of classic Regency romances may be disappointed. There are many similarities to Pride and Prejudice – including dour Mr. Collins – but with a slightly sexy and scandalous twist. Diehard fans might find this a tad disrespectful of Miss Austen. I still appreciated the fun, fluffy read, though.