Lady Anne’s Dangerous Man

Written by Jeane Westin
Review by Sue Asher


The irresistibly beautiful Lady Anne Gascoigne is anxious to marry the charming, powerful Earl of Waverby and at last be rid of her irksome chastity. She expects him to protect her from King Charles II’s unwelcome advances. That is, until she overhears the earl promising to deliver her to the king’s bed after the wedding in exchange for future considerations. In desperation, she flees to her father for help, determined never to trust another man again. Her father knows of only one person capable of concealing her from king and earl – the outlaw Gentleman Johnny Gilbert. While in hiding, she and John experience a series of adventures, during which she grows from a rather spoiled and self-centered (though charmingly spirited) lass into a woman who shows consideration for others. She learns to trust and love again. Johnny is, of course, blindsided by her beauty and spunk, but is an interesting hero all the same. I found the language of the book a bit flowery, but once I settled into the read, it seemed to suit the Restoration period and flowed well. If you enjoy romance with an adventure-filled plot that keeps moving, this is a fun romp.