Lady Amelia’s Mess and a Half

Written by Samantha Grace
Review by Audrey Braver

In this Regency novel, the widowed Lady Amelia Audley returns to London after a two-year absence. She is accompanied by her trusted and loyal friend, Lady Bianca Kennell, a widow of dubious reputation. At his mother’s reception, Amelia encounters Jake Hillary, the man she loved until he deserted her without a word. Consequently, she accepted a proposal from Jake’s best friend, David Audley; it soon became clear their marriage was a mistake. Now Audley is dead, and Jake and Amelia reunite. After many misunderstandings and outside interference from both well-meaning friends and enemies, all seems to be set for their marriage. But it is not smooth going. A chance conversation with a stranger sends Jake and Amelia’s plan into a mess and a half.

This is a debut Regency novel for Grace, and she has created a feisty, headstrong heroine. Her style is witty, and the plot is full of many surprises, twists and turns on the path to the proverbial happy ending.