Knight of Passion

Written by Margaret Mallory
Review by Nanette Donohue

Jamie Rayburn first fell in love with Lady Linnet as a teenager living in Paris, only to find that Linnet was using him to get out of marriage to a man she didn’t want to marry. Years later, Jamie thinks he’s over Linnet’s betrayal—and then he rescues her from a London riot. While they are several years older, Linnet is still the same—willing to use others to accomplish her own goals. This time, she’s looking for revenge against the men who destroyed her grandfather’s textile business, leaving her family destitute, and she’ll stop at nothing to find these men and make them pay. But neither Jamie nor Linnet can deny the attraction that they feel for one another, and as their relationship develops, Linnet must choose between her craving for retribution and her love for Jamie.

Mallory’s fast-paced medieval romance features plenty of action, a spirited and intelligent heroine, and a scorcher of a love story. As with most romances, you know how this is going to end, and it’s the getting to that happy ending that makes the book enjoyable. The obstacles preventing Jamie and Linnet from getting to their happy ending are clever and exciting, and both of the main characters are appealing. Good medieval romances can be difficult to come by, and fans of the genre should enjoy this one.