Written by D. C. Reep E. A. Allen
Review by Celia Shea

Sixteen-year-old Jenny Tyler, living in the modern era of cell phones and the Internet, has recently suffered a concussion that is making her conjure up imaginary images, but the vision she sees one day of a young ghost soldier turns out to be no hallucination. When he kisses her, she finds herself transported back in time to 1914 Belgium, and caught in the terror of the First World War.

She is forced to fall back on her own resourcefulness, and when she encounters a young Canadian in the British army trapped behind enemy lines, she recognizes him as the ghost who had kissed her.

The bulk of D.C. Reep and E. A. Allen’s short novel consists of the adventures these two have in their attempts to reach neutral Holland, and the authors have cast the whole story in a lean, well-done present-tense narrative that is very gripping right from the earliest pages. The period details of the war are effectively grim, but the research never slows down the central story.

A lean and moving story.