King of Ithaca

Written by Glyn Iliffe

Young Greek soldier, Eperitus, encounters a group of warriors whilst on his way to see the oracle at Delphi. He swears loyalty to their leader only to discover later that this is Odysseus, King of Ithaca, whereupon he joins the king on his mission to save his homeland.

Together they travel to Sparta and embark on a bloody and treacherous war. The ultimate prize will be that most beautiful, most sensuous and most traitorous of women, Helen of Troy.

This is a rousing retelling of the mythical adventures of Odysseus, as seen through the eyes of a common man, Eperitus, and is the first in a proposed series. The reader is quickly drawn into the world of the ancient Greeks where the superstitious and the level-headed sit side by side. The pages are stuffed full of machismo – the men are larger than life and fight gloriously bloody battles whilst remaining true to the friendships and calls of duty.

The reader does not need to be a classicist by any means to enjoy this epic and stirring tale. It makes a great novel and would be an even better film.